Qualworx allows you to combine data from multiple sources with easy to use reporting.

Easily integrates multiple data sources:

  • UB-04/Financial Data
  • Clinical Data
  • Quality Data
  • Physician/Medical Staff Data


In addition to our standard (canned) applications, we work with you in designing applications to meet your institution's unique needs. Drill down capabilities improve your understanding of the data.

  • Quality Management
    Provides convenient ways of tracking incidents specific to the quality and appropriateness of clinical care including tracking of peer review activities and OPPE/FPPE specialty-specific reports. Additional functions supported include blood and drug usage evaluation, medical records quality assurance, and various other quality improvement activities.
  • Risk Management
    Supplies the tools needed to electronically submit adverse events, automate the referral process, and analyze your data to identify emerging patterns and issues of concern for both Risk incidents and Patient compliments and complaints.
  • Infection Prevention
    Provides Infection Preventionists with easy-to-manage surveillance, data analysis and reporting features.


Get the information you need quickly and easily.

  • Standard (Canned) Trend Reports
    Standard reports can be customized to your organization’s requirements.
  • Query Reports
    Query Reporting is the Qualworx Ad Hoc Module.  Your reports can easily be customized based on your internal requirements and criteria.
  • Matrix Reports
    You can easily compare fields using these custom cross tab reports.  Qualworx has made its reputation by its ease of reporting “Anything by Anything by Anything!!”